I Feel Bloated and Gassy All of the Time – It Could Be Candida

One of the most frustrating symptoms of candida is that you are regularly bloated. Often people who have Candida (or have it and do not know) will say, “I Feel Bloated and Gassy All of the Time.” This is a common story from Candida sufferers.

There are many that deal with this every single day and are not aware that they may have candida.

The Connection Between Candida and Chronic Gas?

When we have too much yeast or candida in our intestines, the yeast begins to ferment the food. When yeast ferments foods, this causes a lot of gas, and that means big trouble.

Candida can cause such an excess of gas that it hurts. This leads to living life each day feeling uncomfortable and frustrated.


What is sad is that Candida is often misdiagnosed. There are a lot of people that spend years on several medications, undergoing tests, going from doctor to doctor, and never finding a solution to their problem.

Once Candida is recognized as the culprit, a proper route can be planned, and the problem can be dealt with correctly. Until that time, there is a vicious cycle of pain and frustration.

Trying to Treat Gas with Medication Not Knowing What the Root Cause is.

How to you get rid of Gas If You have Candida?

If you have Candida, then excess gas is going to be an issue. The only way to handle this problem is to change our dietary habits.

There Are 3 Reasons Candida Causes Chronic Gas Problems:

1. Slow bowel movements
2. Imbalance in gut flora
3. Fermentation of foods

Often, someone who is dealing with Candida will experience extreme bloating after they eat vegetables, especially green leafy ones.

Why Do Vegetables Cause gas?

The reason? It’s rather simple. Though green vegetables are essential to feeding the good bacteria (also called prebiotics) they ferment easily.

When you consider adding yeast to bread what is the reaction? It rises. The same is true when fermentation takes place in the gut. You feel tight in the stomach, bloated, tired and overall feeling terrible.

How Do You Solve the Problem?

I would recommend using Betaine Hydrochloride to your daily Candida treatment.

Betaine Hydrochloride (Hydrochloric Acid) will increase the amount of stomach acid which in turn will help with food digestion.

Another great reason to take Hydrochloric Acid tablets, if you’re suffering from candida, is hydrochloric acid is known to inhibit the growth of candida yeast. Hydrochloric Acid is also known to combat arthritis, asthma and allergies.

You could also start taking magnesium citrate to increase bowel movements. Trapped gas can become extremely painful. The best way to eliminate gas from being confined is to keep the highway moving along.

I have used magnesium citrate several times, and it works wonderfully. I have listed a great brand that is available on Amazon that you can pick up today.


I hate the feeling of pressure in the gut, being gassy, and just plain feeling uncomfortable.

Before you go from shelf to shelf at your nearest drug store, why not deal with the root of the problem. You could be dealing with Candida!

Even most cases of diagnosed IBS, I believe, is just Candida undetected.

I Feel Bloated and Gassy All of the Time

You need to see if Candida is the culprit that is causing the abdominal distention, gas and feeling uncomfortable. Once you find out that Candida is the problem, you can deal with it probably. Once the Candida is gone, then you will start to notice the symptoms subside.


Your health is worth the time and effort. You’ll be glad that you did, and you’ll feel great.


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