Candida Symptoms – Do You Have Candida?

Do you have candida?

Well, it's a hard question to answer.

To know for sure if we have candida we should talk to a naturopathic doctor. A naturopathic doctor will be your best source for accurately diagnoses this issue. You could perform a simple saliva test that would give you a rough idea if you have candida. 

Intestinal Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the small or large intestines. We have all healthy amounts of yeast in our gut, but if the yeast overpopulates due to a weakened immune system or antibiotic use, it could lead to a yeast infection or candida.

This is How You Can Cure Your Candida

A Generalized Approach

First of all, candida can be severe or subtle. Symptoms can even differ from man to woman. The list that I am going to give you on this site is very general. 

You could experience some of these symptoms or all of them.

When I was sick with Candida, I experienced all of the symptoms listed in this post. As I began to feel better, I noticed that some symptoms subsided.

What are the Key Symptoms?

Listed below are the most common symptoms that someone may experience.

1. Jock Itch
2. Fuzzy Thoughts or Brain Fog
3. Depression
4. Sinus Infection
5. Itchy Ears
6. Bloating or Distention
7. Muscle Pain
8. Sugar Craving
9. Constipation and Other Digestive Problems
10. Respiratory Issues
11.Always Feeling Tired
12. Flu-like symptoms
13. Fungal Skin Irritations
14. Malnutrition Caused by Malabsorption
15. Food insensitivities or intolerances 

We're Not Meant To Live This Way

Some people are dealing with these symptoms every day and don't realize that they have candida. 

Find the Cure to Candida

There are four primary reasons why people get candida: 

1. A Weakened Immune System
2. A High Diet of Sugar
3. Antibiotic Use
4. Stress

Candida is often referred to as an "opportunistic" fungus because if it has the right conditions in the gut, there are no limits to how far it can spread. You can read my personal story about candida here.

Living with candida is not the way that we were supposed to live our life. I believe that there are many misdiagnosed deceases that are caused by candida.

You don't have to live your life this way. Today is the day to start taking your life back and follow my candida cleanse.

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2 thoughts

  1. Some of these symptoms sound a lot like a yeast infection that women get. I always thought that men were getting off way to easy when it came to these types of infections but after reading this article I was definitely wrong.
    I am glad that you have found a natural way to help you heal. It amazes me how eating healthy can help with so many different illnesses. Eating healthy can sometimes be difficult in our fast paced world but if it makes such a difference in our health we should make the effort.

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